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Location: http://www.ajlongbangs.com/
Bio: Shenzhen Ambopower Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional Hi-Tech enterprise specializing in R & D,production and sales of Lithium-ion 18650 battery cells,power banks with independent import and export rights and general taxpayer qualification.
We aim the front-end of the lithium battery applications as a developing direction and devote ourself to providing high quality,high efficent,high environmental products and service as our life-long mission.
Moreover,with continious independent innovative capability in R & D,good cost control system and high quality products and service,we have been recognized by many well-known enterprises as a stractegic partner.
Main products:18650 lithium batteries,power banks
Main certifications:IEC62133,CE,UN38.3,2006/66/EC insturction test,UL1642 and others.china 2200mah power bank factory
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